book cover image High-Speed Networking:
A Systematic Approach to High-Bandwidth Low Latency Communication

James P.G. Sterbenz and Joseph D. Touch

with contributions from Julio Escobar, Rajesh Krishnan, and Chunming Qiao
technical editor A. Lyman Chapin
Wiley, 2001
LC: TK5105.5 S743

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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Fundamentals and Design Principles

  1. Computer Network Generations

Chapter 3. Network Architecture and Topology

  1. Round-Trip Propagation Delays and Bandwidth-×-Delay Products
  2. Topology Parameters

Chapter 4. Network Control and Signalling

Chapter 5. Network Components

  1. Transmission Medium Properties
  2. Link Technologies
  3. SONET Link Characteristics (for Example 5.1)
  4. OTN Link Characteristics (for Example 5.A)*
  5. Ethernet Link Characteristics (for Example 5.2)*
  6. 802.11 Link Characteristics (for Example 5.B)*
  7. Packet Processing Budget
  8. Summary of Packet Size Tradeoffs
  9. Network Processor Characteristics (for Example 5.7)*

Chapter 6. End Systems

  1. Packet Processing Times and Instruction Budgets

Chapter 7. End-to-End Protocols

  1. ATM Traffic Classes (for Example 7.7)

Chapter 8. Networked Applications

  1. Application Flow Requirements
  2. Core Application Categories

Chapter 9. Future Directions and Conclusions

*new since publication; see additions page

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